• "Optimism is not a destination, it's the journey"

    Make the most out of every moment and every day

  • Changing your career

    On average you'll spend 50 years of your life working, which is over 90,000 hours! So if quitting your job completely is a bit too daunting - at least make sure you're spending your time doing something you love

    Career Path Mapping

    Find the stepping stones to get you from one career to the next

    If you know where you want to be, but aren't sure how to get there, I can help you to map out the areas you enjoy most, how to use your transferable skills as stepping stones, and how to make sure your CV is strong enough to get you that all-important call for an interview.

    Character Analysis

    Every company, sector and job role has a different feel, culture and style to it. How do you know which one is right for you?

    Character Analysis can be a really useful tool in looking at the type of job and environment you'll thrive in. In the wrong job, you can feel like you're forcing yourself to adapt who you are to 'fit'. Knowing your natural style and preferences will help you find a job that you naturally 'fit into'.


    Are you a detail person, or do you see the big picture and creative ideas? Do you plan and work to deadlines, or are you flexible in your approach? Do you prefer a quiet environment, or do you thrive in the buzz and noise of people?

  • Outside the 9-5

    If the 9-5 doesn't make you sing for joy, but satisfyingly pays the bills, how about something outside of the 9-5 to make you smile

    Be adventurous

    Get out of your comfort zone, and get outside

    If you had an 8th Day of the week, what would you do with it? No life admin, no household chores, just the freedom to choose anything. My friend set up 8th Day Adventure on this premise, and since I joined 9 years ago, I've spent my weekends, week nights and holidays with amazing groups of people, have played tennis, learnt to surf, thrown myself off a waterfall, and coated myself in mud from mountain biking.

    Be Creative

    Use your brain in a different way

    If your day-to-day is all desk-based computer work looking at words and numbers, then why not try something completely different when you're not at work?


    Last year I signed up for a Creative Glass Course, something to get me thinking in a completely different way from how I do in the 8 hours I'm at work.


    There are tons of courses out there to sign up to, why not look out for your local college, and see what you could end up creating!

    Learn Something New

    Challenge and develop yourself

    How many times as a kid did you start something but gave up due to the choices you had to make, or as an adult, wish that you'd done something as a kid?


    For me, it was playing an instrument, so when I was given the opportunity to learn to play guitar, I jumped at the chance, and I loved being challenged to learn something new.

  • Make your holidays count

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  • How can I help?

    If I can help you to discuss your career options, map out your career path, discuss your life ambitions, or share my marketing knowledge or photography skills with you, you can contact me using the form below:

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